The Hidden Glory Of Ancient India!

 Still available to experience today! ( watch 10 minute spiritual India video below)

"The Glory Of Ancient India"

This 10 minute film gives the viewer an inside look at the amazing spiritual culture of India, and its relevence in the world in the past, and today. It will definately act as a "teaser" to draw you into wanting to visit this remarkable place. Watch, enjoy, and be amazed!

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India Tours

Namaste! India Shakti Tours offers incredible holiday custom packages to enchanting India. This is a premiere India spiritual retreat.   We have tours visiting exotic spiritual places in north India as well as south India. If you wish to book an adventure guided India holiday, a unforgettable trip that travels "back in time", our special guide will take you or your group to select spiritual places unvisited by most commercial tour companies in India. Travel with us, and your personal or group trip will be an unforgettable voyage to ancient and spiritual India. Our Shakti (divine energy) Tours is the ultimate India spiritual retreat. India Shakti Tours delivers you to the door of "another world," of the timeless, the enchanting culture, and incredible food, sights, sounds, smells, and flavors. Our mystical India tour, specializes in the themes of either north or south India, with her magnificent temples and unique landscapes. Travel India - Travel with Shakti - Travel India Shakti Tours! Looking forward to spending your holidays with us. Why not spend your India spiritual retreat with Namaste!

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