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Our Tour Guide

Going to India is not like visiting any place else - the customs, traditions, people, food, spiritual practices, everything - is very different than any other place on earth. So to get the most out of your spiritual journey to India, an experienced guide is recommended!


Our tour guide, Dasarath Pandit, has journeyed to India more than twenty five times, residing in various ashrams and sacred places, beginning in 1978. His vast experience is not only in his familiarity with the many holy places, food, customs, shopping, and health concerns to provide our clients with a memorable visit, but he is also a long-time practitioner of the Vedic spiritual culture itself. This gives him a keen understanding and intimate realization of what India has to offer one in the realm of spiritual technology.


Dasarath is also the Director of the Sedona Center of Vedic Culture, which is a proposed $200 million project displaying the spiritual culture of India. It is “where an ancient culture meets an ancient land”. Please take time to view the Sedona website at



Dasarath and Geena at City Palace in Bangkok

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